Are Ecigs Being Replace By Personal Vaporizers


Are Ecigs Being Replace By Personal Vaporizers

Vaping is becoming a big deal and growing extremely fast.  It’s becoming more and more common to see people replace their basic electronic cigarettes with a more higher tech vaporizer.    It’s been noted that Personal Vaporizers are trending up vs Electronic cigarettes and that at most of the big tech / vape shows all the hype typically surrounds  personal vaporizers.  While the e cigarette and personal vaporizers work pretty much the same people are really interested in the power options with the vaporizers and also the level of quality they bring.


Are they for everyone?

Personal Vaporizers are not for all electronic cigarette users.  V2 Cigs, one of the best electronic cigarette brands is a great alternative to using / buying a personal vaporizer.  With that said there has been some rumors around V2 Cigs that they too will soon be launching there on line of personal vaporizers so stay tuned for that for sure.  Also if you think V2 might be a good fit check out their V2 Cigs Coupon Codes.  They run promotions all the time and have some really great products.


Personal Vaporizer Basic Info

One of the biggest and best selling points for PV’s is they have awesome battery life.  Another thing consumers really like about them is they do not have to buy filters / cartridges for them.  The only thing that is needed with a PV is e liquid and the only ting that will need to be replaced on them is there heating coils witch is not very much to replace.  There a bunch of different personal vaporizers so price points do vary but they do offer more of a value then electronic cigarettes.  Most buyers love them for there power output.  With power comes more vapor.  It’s noted that some electronic cigarettes can be fairly hard to get vapor from without sucking your brain out.  With PV’s its easy.  Not only does the vapor flow but the vapor is usually thicker and fuller and with that more tasty and fulfilling.  Which brings me to the variety of flavors.

Side Note:

Most e cigarette brands are now starting to offer options like clearomizers to compete with personal vaporizers.  At one time it use to be a lot more costly but prices are dropping and they are becoming more affordable then ever.

Personal vaporizers are not for everyone.  In fact most people who switch from tobacco cigarette over to electronic cigarettes like e cigarettes mainly because of the authentic look and feel.  What ends up happen is electronic cigarettes become the gateway to personal vaporizers.

How To Make Your Own Personal Vaporizer

should I use ecigs

Should I Use An E Cigarette

A really big topic right now is to use or not use electronic cigarettes.  One of the biggest questioned I’d ask before answering that question is are you already smoking tobacco cigarettes?  If so then Some of the very best electronic cigarette brands like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Krave Electronic Cigarette, or even Smoke 51 might offer you a better alternative compared to using tobacco cigarettes.  Both Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes are not approved by the FDA.  That’s established an well known.  But other than that the benefits of electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is crazy.  By crazy I mean there is no comparison really at all.  So below I wanted share a few reasons why you’ll maybe want to consider dropping the tobacco cigarettes and switching over to e cigarettes.  Just a side note, if you don’t’ smoke, don’t use either product.  Also if your trying to quit smoking all electronic cigarettes are not marketed nor meant to be used for that purpose.

1.  Say goodbye to nasty yellow stains on EVERYTHING.  Electronic Cigarettes do not stain or leave a nasty smell on you or your stuff.  I grew up in a house with 2 indoor smokers and it’s not cool.  Not being stain and smelling like a hot mess is a huge plus for electronic cigarettes.

2.  Keep your teeth so fresh and so clean.  Tobacco Cigarettes stain your teeth yellow, yellow, yellow.  Ecigs will eliminate this problem for you.

3.  Get your senses back.  Tobacco kills your sense of smell and taste.  If you make the switch to electronic cigarettes you can start enjoying your favorite tastes and smells.

4.  Don’t miss anything.  Having to go outside to smoke every 30 minutes takes away from family or even work time.  With electronic cigarettes you can vape anywhere at anytime ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

5.  Save that cash.  One of the biggest if not the biggest advantage is the amount of money you’ll save switching form tobacco to ecigs.  Typically most people save anywhere from 50% to 70%.

6.  NO second hand smoke.  Need I say more?

Building off number 5, saving money while using electronic cigarettes is an awesome selling point.  One of the best ways to maximize these savings is by using electronic cigarette coupons.  Also some companies offer discounts for buying in bulk or setting up an auto shipment.  One of the best ecig companies that offers promo codes and discounts all the time is V2 Cigs.  For more info on that you can check out this V2 Cigs Review and get a better feeling for them.

The truth is there really isn’t a good reason not to switch to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes.

Example Of How To Save More Money With Electronic Cigarettes



There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider switching from Tobacco Cigarettes to a personal vaporizer but carcinogens in cigarette smokes should be your biggest motivation.


CarcinogensHave you ever asked yourself this question? What are the health benefits of smoking? I mean to say, what do smokers benefit health-wise when they put in their mouth on a cigarette to smoke it? Why are some people so addicted to smoking cigarettes? It will amaze you to know that most individuals would prefer using their last bucks (money) to buy a cigarette than actually getting what would nourish their bodies!  I mean some individuals smoke more than a pack of cigarettes per day. Honestly speaking, I have had that thought run through my mind for decades. My curiosity about “the health benefit of smoking and why do people get so addicted to smoking “, led me to carry out a research and a study on it. And believe me; you will be interested in knowing what the result of my research and study was. It will suffice you to know that the smoke from cigarette contains certain chemicals that actually has in them, the capacity or potential to promote cancer growth in humans. Surprise? Let us continue. Studies in time past had shown that this smoke contains Agents or Chemicals that are responsible for the development of cancer in humans. That chemical in smoke that causes cancer is what is called Carcinogen. Now I will like us to dig deep a little further in knowing more about this chemical.

What is a Carcinogen?

Carcinogen can be termed or classified or better still grouped as any compound or Agent or chemical that either causes or promotes or develops or initiate or foster the growth of cancer.

Research has shown that tobacco leaves which are constituent of cigarette are known to have varieties of chemicals. When cigarette is burnt (Combustion), a new chemical is formed. This new chemical together with chemical originally in the tobacco leaves present in the cigarette forms what we call cigarette smoke. Hence, we could say that cigarette smoke is a good source of carcinogens. Studies have shown that carcinogens make up over 1.75% of the quantity of the chemicals that are emitted during combustion (cigarette burning). When humans or animals are exposed to these chemicals, it increases the development of cancer growth.

Relevant to this topic, is the definition of carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The IARC gave various definitions and classification of carcinogens.

The IARC defined carcinogens as follows:

  • A chemical or Agent is termed carcinogen if it has the capacity or potential to increase the risk of cancer.

  • It also defined a chemical “carcinogen” when there is sufficient or enough proofs in scientific studies in humans, animals and/or other relevant sources to show that the chemical is capable of causing the development or increasing the incidence of cancer.


According to the classification of the IARC, there are four (4) groups used to categorize carcinogens as follows:

  • Group 1- By the IARC definition, this group is carcinogenic to humans. Some examples include; Arsenic, Benzene, Cadium, Chromium, Formaldehyde, Vinyl chloride and Nickel.

  • Group 2A-By the IARC definition, this group is probably carcinogenic to humans. Some examples are; Acrylonitrile, Benzo (a) anthracene, 1, 3 Butadiene, Dibenz (a, h) anthracene, N-Nitrosodiethylamine, N-Nitrosodimethylamine.

  • Group 2B-By the IARC definition, this group is possibly carcinogenic to humans. Some examples are; Acetaldehyde,  Benzo[b]fluoranthene, Benzo[j]fluoranthene, Dibenz[a,h]acridine, 7H-Dibenz[c,g]carbazole, Dibenzo(a,I)pyrene.

  • Group 3-By the IARC definition, this group is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans. Some examples are as follows; Chrysene, Crotonaldehyde, N’-Nitrosoanabasine , N’-Nitrosoanatabine

  • Group 4-By the IARC definition, this group is probably not carcinogenic to humans.

The IARC classified cigarette smoke as a Group 1 carcinogen.

This is to say that,  when individuals are exposed to cigarette smoke either by direct smoking or by what is generally called second-hand smoking ( when an individual indirectly inhales cigarette smoke released by smokers), it increases their risk of developing cancer growth. As a result, it is advised that individuals should not just stop smoking, but also, by all means avoid any form of second-hand smoking.

Cancer has been ranked the second-leading cause of death, just below heart disease which happens to be the number one leading cause of death. The decision  to stop smoking or stay away from second-hand smoking is a welcome idea and it is a decision to avoid the exposure to carcinogens and certainly a decision to avoid the growth of cancer. Make a decision today to stay healthy.